Savita Yoga is offered in several forms:

-  workshops and seminars
–  retreats
–  lectures and presentations
–  teacher training courses

Savita Yoga workshops are presented as individual workshops or modular workshops, ranging from introductory to advanced levels of practice.

Individual workshops can be focused on specific topics such as mantras, chakras, meditation, pranayama and others.

Each workshop can give you an immediate and deep experience, plus theoretical and practical framework that will help you to structure your individual practice as well.

For yet deeper and inspiring levels of intensive inner discoveries and experience,
retreats of various length can be organized

We also offer a complete range of teacher training courses (short and long term), dealing with all the aspects of yoga theory and practice – from intermediate to advanced levels.


Savita Yoga workshops and practices cover mainly the following areas:

  • Asanas and vitalizing body techniques
  • Introductory and advanced pranayama techniques
  • Tattwa suddhi
  • Nadi suddhi
  • Chakra suddhi, Chakra laya and Kosha dhyana
  • Chakra breathing and work with chakras
  • Nada yoga and music meditations
  • Mantra japa according to the classical Vedic and yogic traditions
  • Meditation and mental techniques
  • Pratyahara, dharana, dhyana
  • Integrating chants and bhajans