Savita Yoga



“Savita” means the Spiritual Sun,
the eternal shining consciousness
that is the foundation of this universe
and our lives.



Savita yoga is a system that unites traditional yoga with the power of ancient mantras and live Savita Music.

At its core, Savita Yoga aims to bring us closer to our true spiritual centre that permeates all levels of our being.

Savita yoga is inspired by Hatha yoga, Nada yoga, Mantra yoga, Swara yoga and living yoga Masters. It is supported also by the invisible web of true knowledge. By unifying several disciplines of yoga we can open more pathways by which one can rediscover and liberate one s inner energies, enabling the soul to ascend to new levels.

Savita Yoga is one of the most traditional yoga systems available today, covering Patanjali´s eight-fold yoga path and re-introducing many of the essential yoga practices that are often omitted today. It deeply values classical yoga scriptures and creatively transforms their content and instructions into a form that is accessible and fruitful for a contemporary yoga practitioner.

Savita Yoga is compatible with most forms of yoga that are currently practiced, adding new dimension and greater perspective to them.