Savita Music uses the true spiritual
energy of music, that can deeply
touch, soothe and uplift
those who are open to it

Since the beginning of humankind sound, music and certain vibrations have been used in healing, harmonizing and ritual purposes – offering a gateway to a higher dimension of existence. Music, mantras and sound vibrations have been also a part of traditional yoga training.

Founded by Ivo, Savita Music was born from years of broad and intense study of both European and Indian classical music traditions.Over time Ivo’s love of transcendental music seemed a perfect compliment to the disciplines of yoga. By avoiding narrow limitations, Savita Yoga grew into a music with no formal boundaries, a music that becomes a catalyst for inner transformation and that is an indispensable part of the principal Savita Yoga practices.

Hearing the music live (during the workshops and seminars) provides the most direct and vibrant experience – affecting all who are present – a musician as well as listeners. However, we believe our Savita Music recordings capture the spirit of our music as well and are equally capable of inspiring deep transformation. Participants of Savita Yoga workshops can use the recordings to revive the feelings and energies they experienced during the workshops.

This helps to enhance their individual yoga practice, inspiration and inner development.

The Savita Music catalogue currently comprises 17 titles. Here you can listen to few music samples. For detailed information, more samples and to purchase, please enter our ESHOP.