Savita way of meditation
calms the mind,
deepens the insight 
into one’s inner world,
and also helps 
to optimize one’s
everyday life and to improve health




Meditation is usually an outcome of the mentioned Savita Yoga special techniques.

After intensive stages of special pranayama, mantras and visualisation, a state of meditation often occurs spontaneously: deep insight, feeling of internal and external harmony, sometimes also reflections of various inner processes and other types of internal visions and perceptions.
Feelings of peace, purification, openness and inspiring returns to everyday life are then further deepened and enhanced by a concluding musical integration.

If practiced separately, Savita meditation usually starts with a special musical attunement that tunes in the participants to yoga practice. Savita meditation uses “working space of mind”, mantras and silent meditation, including the methods of “atma vichara”.

After mastering the basic meditation  techniques, the advanced practices of Tattwa Shuddhi and Chakra Laya are used in accordance with ancient sources.