By integrating mantras with advanced
yoga practices such as pranayama,
meditation and work with energies,
our spiritual experience
can be
 elevated to new levels.



Mantras are powerful vibrational energy patterns that can influence, tune, re-structure or interlink different levels of consciousness.

Commonly believed to be of divine origin, many of the most influential mantras were revealed to sages in a state of meditation. However, to unlock the real potential of these mantras one must know how to use them, correctly pronouncing and chanting them.

Our knowledge of mantras comes from years of study with genuine Yoga Masters as well as Masters of the Brahmanic tradition in India.

In Savita Yoga, we work with mantras in their pristine, traditional form according to yogic and Vedic lineage. Only then can the deep and beneficial effects of mantras be revealed, and the power described in ancient scriptures be summoned.

Mantras have also a “lighter” form – chants and bhajans. Originating from various spiritual cultures (Indian, Christian, Sufi, North American Indian, Hebrew) they are also used in Savita Yoga to generate the atmosphere of joy and peace and to integrate and uplift group energies.

Here are few samples of mantras in our rendering: