Asanas & Pranayama


Savita yoga has a special way of
practicing asanas, and  pranayama
developed on the basis of Geza´s
experience with intensive practice
under the guidance of Indian Masters.



The asanas are selected and executed in a way that help to optimize the awareness and flow of prana. The way how asanas are done within Savita Yoga were checked by specialists who can detect changes in human energy systems.


The pranayama practice is intensified using tattva-sensitive zones in the nasal area and also using special mantras. These and other techniques derived from ancient traditional sources were so far virtually unknown to modern yoga practitioners.


Savita pranayama helps to uplift the energies working in the body so that they can be better used in meditation. Nearly all pranayamas given in texts like Gheranda Sanhita are being used in order to give maximum benefit to the practitioners. When the practices are optimized, the results are soon evident.